Shamanic Journey Circles


Shamanic Journey Circle for Beginners

Facilitated by Esther Lohneis 

Do you have any interest in self-development ? What about self-healing? Feel drawn to Shamanic Practice but are not sure what it’s all about? Want to explore in a like-minded community? Work with an extremely experienced & patient teacher – Why not give it a go for 2022?


3 x Monthly Meetings 

 1) Explore the Lower World:       £33

DATE: Saturday 21st May 2022 10am-13.30pm BST

 2) Explore the Middle World:      £33

DATE: Saturday 18th June 2022 10am-13.30-pm BST

3) Explore the Upper World:       £33

DATE: Saturday 16th July 2022 10am-13.30pm BST

 Venue: online via Zoom


Shamanic Dreaming; In-person Course – Coming Soon

5 Weekend Course In Glastonbury, U.K.:


  • The Shamanic Journey; Weekend One

  • Power & Soul Retrieval; Weekend Two

  • Past-Life / Future Life; Weekend Three

  • Death & Psychopomp; Weekend Four

  • Ceremony & Working With Others; Weekend Five

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