Scattering Dreams

*This is a piece of writing that describes a walking ‘journey’ I did in Glastonbury to spread kernels of corn imbued with the wishes & dreams of a group I was a part of for 2 years.

I started off from Benedict Street, quite far down.  As I walked up the road and carried on up the High Street, it occurred to me that I was walking up hill and out of the town.  I knew this of course, but it seemed significant; perhaps something to do with leaving the noise and cares of the mundane world behind me as I ascended.

I took a left and walked up towards the Ashram and onto Chalice Hill.  Half way up, I began calling in the Powers; that is calling to the four directions and their elements and the Spirits who work in each direction.  I called to them to come and bless the work I was going to do this day and to bring their gifts and energy to it.

I started with the North, the place of Air and where the adult/elders reside.  Then to the East, the place of Fire, creativity and new beginnings.  I thought how much I love fire the best of all the elements, how I love watching it spit and crackle in the burner at night, the colours so fierce and strong flaming upwards. As I was thinking this, I saw my shamanic guides walking out of the east towards me; my friends, my allies from my tribe.  They walked beside me as I continued; to call to the South, the place of water, the path of innocence and fun where the child in us all lives.  A dolphin clearly came forward, leaping in the ocean just for the joy of it.

Then I called to the West, the place of earth, the place of the void, of endings and seeds not yet in existence, where potential of all things sits waiting for its time.  My love of the earth came through me and burned in my heart as waves of gratitude washed over me.  At that exact moment I heard a woodpecker drumming its beak against a tree.  It echoed around the gentle hills.  I had wondered where Air had got to.  I love woodpeckers. As I continued walking I wished I could see one and a memory came from 16 or 17 years ago when I had seen two black and white ones with their red caps in a forest really close up.  I felt momentarily sad.

I continued walking calling to the other worlds, those above, those below and those in the middle world, to the ancestors walking their good white road and to the Angels to come and bless me and my work this day.  As I came through the gate at the top of the hill I heard a woodpecker really close, the echo of its drum calling to me.  I stopped and looked, it sounded so near.  Then I saw it, no not it- them-there were a pair on a tree just over the hedge, drumming for me, just like that pair I had seen all those years ago, black and white with red caps.  And I realised why that memory had come to me – not to make me sad, but to tell me that they were just up ahead!  Wonderment of the beauty all around me tingled through my body.  I felt that Glastonbury held me in her hands, safe.  She has held me like this, like a new born babe, while I have been on this healing journey over the last many years.

I walked up a little path and a dog came bounding towards me.  I stopped.  I am wary of dogs I don’t know, especially when they are off the lead.  I looked to one side and watched some birds in a distant tree, feeling fear take me over.  I told myself to come into the present, to be here now.  I took a deep breath as angelic wings enfolded me and I turned back to face the dog.  Its owner was coming along the path, I walked towards her and we smiled.  The dog took no notice of me as it rushed past.  I breathed out and saw another dog ahead.  I smiled ironically to myself, alright I trust you I thought to the spirits with me and around me.  This dog was only interested in its stick.  Again I smiled at the owner.  I continued across the muddy field and onto the concrete road.

As I neared the Tor, there was another dog.  Ha ha I said to myself and my friends.  The dog ran past me, taking no notice and the owner jogged along behind, saying hello.  I entered the pathway up to the Tor and felt like I was carrying your dreams, your prayers, as well as my own.  I felt pleased that I had been entrusted with this job and I took my role seriously, with responsibility.  I wanted to hold all those kernels of corn in my hands as I walked so I reached into the side pocket of my bag to get them out and saw that they had escaped out of the paper towel I had placed them in at the end of the day on Sunday and fallen through a hole in the lining of my bag and were rolling around between the skin of the bag itself and that lining.  I grinned.  Oh how poetic I had wanted to be!  But getting the corn out would have to wait till I got to the top.

I climbed the Tor and as I neared the top, guess what I heard?  Barking.  There were more dogs up there, ‘O please make them go another way,’ I asked.  I glanced up.  They were coming my way (of course) and there were three of them, a little pack.  The owners stood aside for me at a narrow part of the path and threw a ball, the dogs rushed past after it.  How fickle is the trust I feel; it comes and then goes when derailed by fears.

I suddenly knew I should scatter the corn to each of the four directions, then they would be taken by the four winds and go where they were needed the most.  No one was up there, so I went into the tower and put out my hat and scooped up all the corn seeds into it.  In the lining I found an old receipt and unravelled it to have a look.  It had pink stripes down the side so the receipt roll had obviously been running out.  I couldn’t read the prices or what I might have bought some time or other.  The only printed ink left to read said, ‘Global Payments’ repeated at intervals down the length of the paper strip.  Remembering the content of most of the prayers, I laughed; someone had a good sense of humour.

I took the corn and went to each direction scattering it and saying prayers as I did so.  In the South I found a turquoise lighter half full of gas and picked it up and popped it in my pocket.  I like fire and I love turquoise.  In the West I found a half full 2 litre bottle of coke.  I took it with me down the Tor and put it in the first bin I found.  It seemed to represent, somehow, all that was false and unnecessary.  I was reminded that we often need to give things up, or let things go, in order to bring in the new and more beneficial.  It seemed symbolic of that.  I also had another bottle with me which I filled at the spring at the foot of the Tor.  There is a purity and clarity and freshness to the spring water which seemed to be a replacement for the dark sweet mud of the cola.

As I descended the Tor and came back into town I became aware of a shaft of pure white energy entering my crown and travelling through me.  I clearly felt an angelic presence overshadowing me and holding me.  I felt that I needed to come straight home and write about this so that is what I have done.

I feel really lucky to have this experience and to have been asked to scatter the corn seeds of hope with all the dreams that were put into them.  I felt love all the way through and gratitude to Glastonbury, to the creation of beauty all around me, to my guides, to the directions and of course to all who had put their dreams & prayers into the corn.