Soul Expansion Sessions

We are all souls on a journey through time and space!
Welcome fellow traveller!

A Little Background Info…

Before we came into our bodies and our present lifetime, we were at one with Source Energy. Our connection with our own essence and the source of unconditional love was absolute. As we came into incarnation and were born, our life unfolded with a mixture of joy & delight, struggles & challenges; unique to each one of us. We created physical & emotional patterns of behaviour depending on our experiences & genetic makeup so we could survive childhood and move on into our lives as adults.

As we go through life these patterns can hide emotional injury, or create pain in our bodies so that we feel stuck. Otherwise we might have had a sudden shock, such as an accident or bereavement which is causing us difficulties.

“Esther has an innate talent in holding space where you feel safe to open up…She is kind, trustworthy, strong yet gentle. She helped me to change negative patterns & equipped me my own toolkit to help myself. I am forever grateful to her for that.”

Lucy S

“I had a Soul Expansion session with Esther; my experience was life transforming on so many levels and my life has changed dramatically since our session. Esther is highly intuitive with a deep level of empathy & compassion…Want to change your life? Esther is who you want to work with; I trust her completely.”

 Victoria K

“Although initially sceptical of how this process could help me, I have been bowled over by how much lighter I feel & the solutions which have presented themselves.”

Kate S

“I feel I owe Esther a debt of gratitude as we talked about the death of my wife as well as many other things. Although I will never 'get over' her death, I have come to terms with the circumstances & can now carry on.”

Kevin P

“ I have benefited so much from our sessions. Issues that I had were identified & resolved, freeing me to move on in my relationships & in my spiritual progress. Esther has been an amazing guide in this process - thank you.”

Julia W

What Is Soul Expansion?

This is an extended session to really give time and space to whatever issue you would like to focus on. It is said that when we meet difficulties and overcome them, we have expanded our soul through the learning we have achieved on the earth plane. We also tend to be happier!

In this session, my healing guides are standing by to work through me as a bridge or channel. I will work in whatever way I am guided to that will be best suited to you at the time of our meeting. This could be through Shamanic Healing; for more information as to what this is please press here or through Trance Healing; for more information as to what this is please press here. It’s possible that a combination of these methods may be used and really anything could happen to facilitate your healing, including simple ceremonies. Talking & the use of counselling skills are a very important part of the session, as to be really listened to and heard can be a rare experience in our busy world.

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After The Healing

There are no special things that I ask you to do directly after the healing, although if possible some time to yourself can be beneficial to allow everything to settle. You may wish to write your experiences down so that you have a record of it & can refer back to it if you want to.

I am pleased to receive feedback & see how you are doing but it’s not obligatory!

Other Info

Length of Session
90 minutes


Includes follow up

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