Have you or a family member ever had a negative experience with conventional medicine?

Maybe you have been told that there is no particular cause for your ailment, and nothing can be done?  Or maybe you have been prescribed pills for physical and/or emotional issues that are just meant to “manage” your condition?

Given that some pills have considerable side effects and some ailments can be life limiting means that neither scenario is particularly satisfactory.

So, it makes sense that more and more people are turning to alternative medicine – particularly Shamanic Healing.  But what is it?  And more importantly how can it help you?

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Shamanic Healing is an ancient system which has been present in every culture going back many thousands of years. The Shaman (or in my case Shamanic Practitioner) goes into a trance state and connects with spirit helpers. These spirit helpers make adjustments on the spiritual planes. By tweaking the energy of the individual seeking help, these filter down into the physical plane, making healing possible.

As the practitioner I am the bridge; the connector of these worlds. I have learned to communicate with my spirit helpers and have built a working relationship with them over time. It is my helpers who do the healing, I am the facilitator. Shamanic Healing is a practical and adaptable system; one that I am still working within 18 years later. I have seen positive results in my own life and those of my clients. Otherwise I would have abandoned it a long time ago!

I was always told that ‘God’ was separate from me and only accessible through an intermediary (a Priest). However, from a young age, I intuitively knew that there was an intelligence, or a presence, that runs through everything. So, I became a non-believer, or at least a non-believer of that version of God.

After much trial and error, I found shamanic practice and discovered that I could communicate with that other invisible world, I also found parts of myself that had been lost and disregarded.

Feelings of isolation

We currently live in a world which honours the masculine above all, while those traits associated with the feminine have been largely denigrated. In truth, regardless of which physical body we occupy, we have both gendered traits within us. When we live in such a way to bring these traits into balance within us, we see that both are necessary to live a stable and well-adjusted existence. They complement each other.

Being told that spirit was separate from me, and by-the-way masculine, so therefore above me, is common. Unfortunately it had a negative effect, by forcing my immature psyche to push some feelings of unworthiness into the shadow and deny the ‘feminine’ traits of intuition, day-dreaming and imagination. This denial, coupled with a left-brained education system and eventual funnelling into a marketplace, which appreciated me only for the money I could generate, not who I was, (as well as other wounding experiences along the way) led me to develop mental & physical illnesses. I felt alone, misunderstood and isolated.

In other words I had become out of sync with my true self and true essence.

My self discovery

Eventually through gradual re-connection with my own feelings, and following through with those feelings, I began to train in shamanic practice and discovered that my sufferings had an underlying cause. Each negative experience had chipped away at my soul essence, causing soul & power loss. It left gaping holes in my aura, which allowed intrusions (or unwanted energy) to make a home there. This in turn, effected my health. Think of an orange in perfect health on an orange tree; then pick it, slice a few bits off it and leave it outside for a while – little insects will start to make their home there, or burrow in and eat away at the flesh from the inside as it slowly starts to die.

Self defence

The other thing that happens to us as we grow and have difficult experiences is that we develop defence patterns. These are unconscious behaviour patterns that we use to cover over our wounding, to prevent feeling such pain ever again. We might develop addictive behaviours to help with an indefinable anxiety we carry for example. Other issues that may lead us to seek help are feelings that something is missing in our lives, that we never felt the same since some event happened. We may feel plagued with bad luck or have recognised repeating patterns that are not helpful, but don’t know how to step away from them.

3 432819f0 ca02 42fa 837d e9babd868bb9 Shamanic Healing aims to restore harmony to the whole by tackling the root cause of our malaise. It by-passes our well-worn left-brained habitual thinking to do so. It is important to feel a sense of trust with the person you choose to work with and some kind of compatibility. Some shamanic healers specialise in different areas – for example I am also a counsellor and in my shamanic practice, I frequently work with people to restore emotional health.

I have treated people for emotional and physical illness, different challenges they may be facing, family issues, ancestral patterning that they no longer want to perpetuate, as well as past traumas which have caused them depression and anxiety. I have also helped guide dead loved ones to where they should be and for clients to face their own death, as well as working with them through the process of bereavement.

What happens in a session

Before you arrive I spend some time cleansing and preparing the space. Calling in the powers and laying out the altar which represents the 4 directions – the basic elements from which everything is made: fire, earth, water and air. The 5th element – ether or spirit is represented by a candle in the centre.

We talk a bit to establish what it is you would like to focus on. You will then be invited to lie down, clothed but without shoes, and I drum myself into a trance state.  This allows me to connect to other realities and ‘journey’ to meet my guides on your behalf. I tell them what you would like the healing for and I watch what they are doing so I can feed it back to you, once I am back in ‘ordinary’ reality. I also let you know any other things they tell me, to aid your healing.

You may experience a variety of things during this process, which you can share with me. We both take time to ensure we are feeling grounded and embodied. We then arrange a time for the free follow up session.

When I describe the ‘story’ or film that unfolds for you, I don’t tell you what it all means, although I may make one or two suggestions. It is in my experience an allegory, albeit a very personal one, and it is for you to discern the meaning in your own time. I find that the meaning may drop in precisely when you have stopped trying to find out. In the bigger picture, it is more empowering for you to come to your own conclusions than be spoon-fed interpretations.

In conclusion

My own experience of receiving shamanic healing is that it is not a quick fix. It is my belief, through long experience, that lasting change is a gradual process of realignment, and having experienced one very shocking instantaneous healing, I feel that is as it should be. We have been trained into thinking that there should be an instant solution to fix stuff; but if something has taken years to form, it makes sense that it will take time to unravel.

For me it took time, gradually over months and years to retrieve and piece together frozen, lost & traumatised parts of myself and then integrate them back into myself, so I could become a more coherent and whole version of myself, and at the same time continue functioning on a mundane level.
You may be wondering if shamanic healing is for you, or if you should try it; I can’t answer that question for you, but I can say that if you feel drawn to it & you want to give it a try, what have you got to lose? Get in touch to find out how it can help you