There are so many kinds of healing around these days that it can be very confusing to know what the different terms actually mean; made more difficult by the fact that the meanings are often used interchangeably depending on who is describing their methods and the various schools of thought out there.

So firstly a disclaimer alert – my definitions may not match other sources of information you may come across!

Various common terms in use are Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Reiki and the focus of my blog today – Trance Healing.

For me Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing are kind of catch-all terms which generally describe the transmission of energy from the spirit world, through the person of the healer to the client. Sometimes they are used to mean someone’s own energy being used, rather than the healer working as a conduit or channel. Reiki uses symbols to tap in to this universal energy and transmit it.

Trance Healing as I understand it, is when the healer has a conscious and trusting relationship with their healing guide(s), built up over time. The healer will put themselves into a relaxed state which allows their vibration to rise to meet that of their guide. They then give their guide permission to step into their energy field (otherwise known as the aura) and overshadow them, so the guide is using the healer’s body to do the work. Some trance healers leave their body and have no memory of the healing that has taken place while the guide has been working through them. This state is sometimes known as deep trance.

So what is this energy which is being transmitted from a place of higher vibration? The simplest way I can think to describe it is Light. This Light has the potential to dissolve blockages or stuck places within us, with emotional or physical causes. It feels to me like unconditional love, which is so often outside the human experience. Imagine being totally seen, held, comforted and accepted for who you are, no matter what you may have done, how you might feel or what has happened to you. Think of a newborn baby held in it’s loving mother’s arms. The loving mother cannot take her eyes off the baby and loves it just for being itself; this is the closest I can find to describing the protective, empowering and nurturing energy coming through the healer.

What Happens in a Trance Healing Session ?

First we discuss why you have come to see me and decide on a focus for the session. Sometimes may not know and have just been drawn to seek support. This is absolutely fine as in all cases the energy will go where most needed. I use counselling tools to create a non-judgemental and confidential atmosphere of safety. If we see each other in person, I would ask you to remove your shoes but otherwise you remain fully clothed. If we are working online you can decide if you want to take your shoes off or not!

I lead you into a relaxed state and ask my guide to start working with you through me. I may place my hands on your shoulders or body or work off the body in the aura. I am always respectful and would never touch personal parts of your body. If we are working online I see my Guide working on you in my mind’s eye. At this time I receive information which is relevant and helpful for you, which I tell you about afterwards.

You may feel tingles or have a sensation of heat, and this is true whether we are working in person or online. Your experience will be unique to you; some people receive insights or generally just feel relaxed. When the healing is finished, we share what has happened for each of us, discussing or clarifying as needed. The session is then gently brought to a close.

I hope this has helped you to understand a little bit more today about what Trance Healing is. It can work well in a supportive role alongside medical treatments and I would never tell you to stop or adjust any treatment you are having.

If you would like more information or want to book a session please do get in touch with me: / 07572 848925.